Gifts to (Possibly) Make for the Holidays

In past years, I’ve gone overboard spending a lot of money on gifts for my family and friends during the holidays. Now if I actually had the money, that would be perfectly fine, but the fact is, I don’t, especially after how my income has been this year. I always say I am going to make more gifts from materials I already have, but I usually run out of time or motivation or ideas. This year will (hopefully!) be different! I’ve already started on a few knit and crochet items, but I’ve also been looking at a lot of sewn/fabric small gifts for ideas, inspiration, and tutorials. I highly doubt I’ll get to making all of these, but without further ado, here are my favorites, all in one place!

Gifts to sew
Lunch Bag – Do you know someone who takes their lunch to school or the office? This bag is based off of a grocery sack, and would also be a good tote bag.

Crayon Roll – For the kid in your life, a cute way to store or carry around crayons. (Be sure to fill it with some cool colors.)

Shoulder Bag – A stylish and easy to make bag that could work as a purse or small shopping bag.

Pleated Clutch – In this tutorial, they make their own fabric designs with fabric markers, which I think is a great idea, but I’d also love to make these with already-patterned fabric.

Macaroon Coin Purse – A tiny, but very cute coin purse. It’d also be great to pair with the gift of a ring inside, or something similar.

Tote Bag – Simple, and nice, especially if you pick a fabric that the recipient will love. These would also be good to hold another gift.

Little Pouch – A cute and simple coin pouch or small purse.

Tea Towel Tote – A simple tote bag made from a tea or dish towel. It’d be fun to use vintage tea towels, or to find some with nice designs. This could also be used as the gift bag itself.

Gifts to crochet
Rag Rug – Not only would this make a nice gift for someone with a new home or a bare spot on their floor, it is a great way to make use of old sheets or clothes.

Other gifts to make
No-Sew Jersey Scarf – As easy as it gets, no sewing required for this scarf, which is basically the same as one you might find in many stores. (Though I think it’s be cute to embellish it with something to make it more personal) Just be sure to use that nice soft jersey, and not just the regular t-shirt type stuff.

Fabric-covered Button Earrings – Cute and easy to make earrings that you could personalize with any smaller-print fabric. Or you could make sets out of solid colors to go with anything!

Beaded Hoop Earrings – Very easy, but also very chic. Make a few pairs in different colors and sizes, and give them as a set!

Top it off!
Fabric Fortune Cookie – These would be cute on top of a gift, or to put a small gift inside.

Paper Bow – I love this paper bow, since it’s a different style than those loopy bows you usually see on everything, plus I am a sucker for anything involving paper folding or crafts. I already wrap many small gifts in magazine pages, so I’ve been making mine out of magazines, (See the picture at the end of this post) but you could use just about any paper to match your wrapping job. (And if you’d like some instructions in English, check out  the great tutorial here.)

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